Boracay - A Typical Day on White Beach

Boracay - A Typical Day on White Beach

Here is a quick guide on what is typically going on during different times of the day on White Beach; along with some tips and recommendations on when to participate in certain activities, and when to avoid others. Ultimately, its up to you to decide how to spend your days on Boracay; with the help of this guide, you can be much more informed.


Good Morning Boracay

Breakfast buffets are all the rage on this island, and with elaborate continental breakfast spreads included in many hotels’ nightly rates, they can be hard to pass up. Its not difficult to find restaurants that will sell you food by the plate as well. Resourceful visitors will easily be able to find places that prepare dishes made to appeal to Germans and other Westerners, and those that serve traditional Filipino dishes of course. The ‘silogs’ are as common as can be on Boracay. Cuisines and prices vary largely to fit any budget.



At this time, bakasyonistas (vacationers) that have signed up for tours and water activities such as diving, will be lining up on the beach during these hours as well. This is a great time to explore the island while it is at its least crowded (during daylight hours) and the heat is not even yet close to its peak.



The Midday Hours

The island prepares for lunch as the heat slowly creeps up on the thermostat. The big, tropical sun rises high into the sky and warms up the sand quickly, so most visitors to White Beach take this opportunity to be in the water. The dozens of shopping options, water activities, and island exploring are also well enjoyed options during mid-day, but only because of air conditioning and the shaded interior of the island.

If you’re looking for seafood, D*Talipapa is a less expensive lunch option than eating right on the beach, and its also the best place to get the cheapest souvenirs on the island.

D*Mall will be crowded so instead, take a ride to Robinson’s indoor (and air conditioned) City Mall, or take a dip at one of the less crowded beaches such as Puka Shell or Ilig-Iligan Beach. There is always kitesurfing on Bulabog Beach as well.



Into the Afternoon

As the heat lingers, gelato shops and local favorites such as Jonah’s Shakes explode with business as tourists seeking a cool down option wander back from the water. Coffee and dessert shops also tend to become more crowded in the afternoon because Filipinos love their merienda (afternoon snack).

The afternoon is a good time to take the opportunity to explore the less crowded Din-Iwid Beach, which is also a good “secret” spot to catch the sunset. Spider House is a local favorite spot that is tucked away in the far corner of Din-Iwid. The link has detailed visual directions on how to find this elusive place!



Dusk Has Arrived

At this time of the day, the signature views of the island takes over and it is suddenly all about the sunset. It is quite impossible to not be drawn into this phenomenon and Station Two is perfect evidence of that. Nearly every visitor to the island flocks to the western shores of White Beach to catch this iconic view whether it is from the beach, or from a boat for a sunset sail.



What will the Evening Bring

Once the sunset views have faded, visitors to Boracay will find a growing assortment of food options being placed along the beach walk. High end “Eat All You Can” buffets and seafood platters, contrast the large commercial chains (Domestic and Foreign alike) like Gerry’s, and Johnny Rockets. Fast food like Jolibee and Army Navy are also in abundance here, but it is worth it to check out the cheaper seafood options at D*Talipapa. This wave of consumption gradually changes from dinner to drinks as the night wears on. Most places stop alcohol and live entertainment by 10pm with a handful (still plenty to choose from) stay open much later into the night.



Into the Late Night Hours

The kids have gone to bed and beach lights have stayed on. Late night in Boracay is what this party island is known for. Options include very quiet gatherings at the far end of Station Three, the bars, lounges and dance floors in Station Two, or the outdoor restaurants in Station One.

Exit Bar (Station Two) is a mixture of travelers, expats and locals and serves until midnight, but its so inconspicuous that you could walk right past it and not notice.

Epic, a restaurant by day, turns into the most popular nightclub after hours and will still be playing music until 4am. While it doesn’t rely on elaborate lighting and staging or draw world-class DJ’s like Ibiza, the tropical setting means Epic nights can compete with a night at any club in the world.



Still Going in the Early Morning

Once the San Miguel beer stops flowing, food options become extremely limited, and the island finally appears to settle down to a quiet slumber. Despite the lack of loud noises, it is still nearly impossible to walk more than 20 feet along White Beach without running into another person. After 4am on Boracay, that person that you run into every 20 feet is the overnight security guard for that business. Every single business on the beach seeming has one stationed in front overnight. This makes walking back to a hotel on White Beach feel EXTREMELY safe, even over night.

The above is a general breakdown of a typical day on Boracay, and what activities visitors should be targeting during those times. Hopefully, you will have many days to explore and experience all of what Boracay has to offer. Enjoy!