Twin Beach Hike, El Nido

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Twin Beach Hike, El Nido

*Updated June 2017

Philippines / Palawan / El Nido

Previously known as one of the best scenic hikes in El Nido, the Twin Beach hike is now no longer possible.

This rocky peninsula offers signature views of the twin beaches after a short vertical hike up the trail, but the land was purchased by a private developer in 2016. The developer has plans to build a luxury resort on the grounds.



Protests to the sale and the building have come in the form of squatters attempting to reclaim the land. The battle between these two parties has resulted in the property being watched 24 hours by an armed security guard.

Luckily, I was legally still able to fly a drone above the land to witness some of the views that the Internet has called a ‘MUST DO in El Nido’.


Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

Thank goodness for technology! A drone has become an essential part of my travel kit and I consider bringing one everywhere that I fly to. This time, it saved the day.
There are many different drones available but the DJI lineup is what I use.


Unfortunately this is one cool activity that is no longer possible at Twin Beach, but it is still worth the trip because there is plenty more to do here.