El Nido Island Hopping Tour A

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El Nido Island Hopping Tour A

Likely Stops:

  • Small Lagoon
  • Big Lagoon
  • Secret Lagoon/ Hidden Beach
  • 7 Commando Beach


Some tour companies refer to Tour A as the kayaking tour because exploring the lagoons by kayak is the highlight of the day.

I highly recommend talking to your tour operator beforehand and finding out the availability of kayaks for your group.

Necessities you may forget: Dry Bag, Cash , Hat

You will be away from the shelter of the boat for MOST of this tour, getting in and out of the water. That means having a wide brimmed hat and plenty of sunblock is a good idea.


Having a good dry bag is also essential for Tour A. These locations are so gorgeous that you will want to have your camera with you everywhere you go. That means that a dry bag is a must have. I own several ultralight dry bags because they are just as strong, but take up no space or storage.

Seven Commandos Beach

I really wish that this wasn’t a stop on this tour simply because it does not fit the theme. While Seven Commandos is indeed a beautiful beach and a fun place to spend time, almost every other location on this tour involves a kayak.



The Big & Small Lagoons

A 45 minute transit across the Bacuit bay takes the tour to Miniloc island, home of the famous lagoons of El Nido.



With clear weather and calm seas, the lagoons are low difficulty for experienced paddlers. If you don’t like the idea of going solo, some tour boats have multi-person sea kayaks that the guides will paddle you around on, for a fee. This is a fantastic option because it frees up your hands to have a camera out while exploring. I go out solo every single chance that I have on Tour A, so that means that my camera is in a dry bag on my lap.

These locations also have vendors floating around in small boats selling snacks, drinks (beer too), and coconuts, so don’t forget cash, throw it in the dry bag too!


The lagoons are all about exploring . You can see urchins and starfish in the shallows, along with countless other species of marine life. Jellyfish are common in the wide open deep sections of water. You will likely encounter snorkelers, free divers, and other paddlers while exploring, but the space is large enough that you can get great photos that aren’t full of tourists.


Hidden Beach

This location was used as a filming location for Survivor… so I was told.

Often the last stop of the day, this location gets its name because of its invisibility to anyone traveling along the coast. A barrier of craggy rocks, masks the entrance to this absolutely picturesque location. The highlight: a cove with a soft white sand beach, surrounded by a crown of Gothic cathedral-like rocks.


You can crawl in through the rocks, or wade through the shallow, sandy long way around. It is important to remember that there are animals living in this sand so tread carefully. That advice is more as a courtesy than out of danger.

There is excellent snorkeling in the rocks and coral where the boats dock. I took a few extra minutes having fun with a mask and fins around there.

Like Seven Commandos Beach, this doesn’t really fit the paddle theme of the day, but it is a part of Miniloc island so it does make sense as part of Tour A.