The MOA Eye

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The MOA Eye

Philippines / Luzon / NCR / Malate

The Mall of Asia (MOA) Eye is a wonderful landmark and is very photogenic., though do not count on many great opportunities from inside the eye as the acrylic of the individual carriages is usually dirty and pretty well scratched up.


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I would have to classify this area as 'less than impressive', by traditional travel photography standards, but if you are super creative, or if you absolutely love sunsets; this very commercial area can be a fun afternoon of street, landscape and architectural photography opportunities.

You should know that you probably can't count on capturing great sunsets unless you've got a decent UV filter to cut thru the haze and pollution. The western views are wide open over the water, with only Corregidor Island and Mount Mariveles in the near horizon.


Street photography opportunities do exist, but again, creativity is key as this area is very commercial and is mostly filled with tourists. If you are looking for genuine Filipino street scenes, you have to dive much deeper into the city. Homesick Americans can find a Buffalo Wild Wings here, if that sort of thing suits you.

The eye itself is a nice 5 minute ride for 150 pesos ($3 USD) and will offer you some nice views of the area, particularly at night. Each car has its own air conditioning unit, which made me chuckle a bit because they seemed to be standard window air conditioning units, the kind you have in your house. The MOA eye as its called is worth the time and money. You can skip the photos they try and sell you and go for some high flying selfies instead!!