El Nido: 7 Commando Beach

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El Nido: 7 Commando Beach

In another blog post, I complained about Seven Commandos Beach being a waste of time on Tour A. I promise you that is only because every other stop on Tour A is on Miniloc Island and traveling to Seven Commandos first, burns lots of time.

Seven Commandos beach is actually quite the place!


What to know:

Its part of the mainland.

Yup, Seven Commandos is actually just on the other side of the big mountain peninsula as el Nido town. If that mountain wasn’t there it would just be a short tricycle ride away; but, the impassible landscape makes Seven Commandos just as isolated as an island. This is part of what makes it unique.


Overnight accommodation.

Unlike most remote destinations in El Nido, you can actually spend the night. That’s right, there is a multi-story, high end resort here (see info on Vellago Resort) in addition to cottages and tent camping sites right on the beach. There are quite a number of small permanent structures throughout Seven Commandos.


Despite being isolated, it is still a short trip from El Nido town

which lends to it being permanently inhabited. Seven Commandos is actually the overnight location for most multi-day tours that are offered in El Nido.

You can also expect to find:
• Convenience Store
• Restaurant
• Volleyball Nets
• Tree Swings
• Photo Opportunities


The beach is clean, the water is clear, and the views of Bacuit bay are breathtaking. The one downside to this location is that it is typically pretty crowded. The guests, campers, and day trippers are coming and going all the time.

What to bring:

It really depends on your reason for visiting. Need a tent? You can rent one here. You can buy snacks and full meals here. This is a great site to fly a drone, though it was rainy days in June both times I was at Seven Commandos beach.

There is no excuse to miss Seven Commandos beach. While I wont call it a must do, it is tough to avoid because of its convenience and sheer number of activities. Enjoy!