A Route 66 Reboot

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A Route 66 Reboot

Call it cliché, but I wanted to take the opportunity to drive along a small portion of the legendary route 66 in Southern California while in the Southwest US.


I was in Las Vegas, attending the NAB (National Association of Broadcaster's) conference in April one year. That is the “Springtime” here in the US, so the heat would not be too bad, right? Wrong! The mid-April heat baked the rental car and really punished me every time I stepped outside to spot some photo opportunities so, if you do this, make sure you are more prepared than I was! Hat, sunblock, umbrella, bring your payong! haha

In hindsight, I should have also packed a cooler full of bottled water, and long sleeve/ pants to keep the sun off my skin.



The route South from Vegas doesn't offer much as far as views so I was glad to blow right thru and get further out into the desert. It should be noted that I was really trying to get as remote as possible, avoiding larger roads and interstates. It really doesn’t get interesting until you are out of Nevada. Goffs Rd takes you right into (guess what town?) Goffs! Not exactly a true "ghost town" but remote enough and cool enough for a short stop.


Its not until you cross the Santa Fe Railroad and get further into California that you see some of the iconic restaurant ruins. Roy's is one of the few that are actually still open and has been photographed time and time again by nearly everyone that passes thru here. It is definitely worth a pit stop!

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