The Man Made Lake @ Pico De Loro

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The Man Made Lake @ Pico De Loro

Very rarely would you hear me (or anyone that is not a landscape architect for that matter) rave over ‘natural’ man-made features such as a lake in the middle of a condominium and hotel complex, but the (insert size here) lake at Pico De Loro certainly deserves some mention.



Encircled by a foot path

The lake itself is full of life from the birds and fish that you would expect, to crustaceans (I did see a few little critters in there) and a network of flourishing water plants. A polarizer filter really helped me cut through the water’s surface on the bright and sunny day that I was walking the lake at Pico De Loro. One of my favorite shots from the entire day was a bed of sunken greenery that served as the perfect camouflage for its inhabitants. It took some serious looking around to discover the hidden details in this lake. Luckily I had an hour or more to explore.


Above the surface there are a few fountains that spring up in the middle of the lake. I have never been a fan of lake fountains because they just don’t seem make sense to me because they work against creating something that looks natural. Additionally, the path winds around some gazebo and patio areas including a few small bridges and fish feeding areas. Again, these are features that do not really contribute to the illusion of being a natural area, but they are well designed and offer fantastic photographic opportunities nonetheless.


Drone flights are prohibited over the lake, as was pointed out to me by a security guard while I was setting up to takeoff; but I can certainly understand that the noise and privacy concerns justify that rule. Not that a 20mm wide lens can really lend itself to being a good spy camera, but try and explain that to the family that shelled out good money for a weekend getaway and don’t want the whirring and buzzing of a quadcopter outside their window. I still do regret not being able to get aerials of the lake.




Continuing your stroll further along the lake path, away from the resort area, takes you closer towards the beach before circling back. This is a short walk that could be completed in about 10 total minutes even if you are not a fast walker, but the photographic challenge here is certainly to slow down and hint for the details in the “less than obvious’ shots.