My iPhone is my Backup Camera Body on the Road

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My iPhone is my Backup Camera Body on the Road

When I am traveling tens of thousands of Kilometers from home, and completely living out of a suitcase or a backpack, being efficient with gear is paramount. But that does not change the fact that I am a filmmaker and a photographer... and now a drone pilot as well. I have LOTS of considerations when packing, and some gear is so essential, that I cannot consider leaving it home. My laptop and my main camera body (currently a SONY a7S)  are the top of that "must bring' list. Add a drone to that and I have a MINIMUM of two packs, before you factor clothes into the mix.



Every Professional Has a Backup Plan

My golden rule for working on the road as a Filmmaker/ Photographer is to 'carry on' the bare minimum that I need to complete the job; the backups and support gear typically go into checked bags... until now. Being a versitile tool as a 4K video camera, a 12mp JPEG camera, and an audio recorder, note taker, time-lapse camera, I can now carry a legitimate backup on me at all times. But it doesn't end there; I have found the iphone's capabilities to actually MOTIVATE me to be constantly shooting. As silly as it sounds that a mirrorless camera can be TOO MUCH to have out while traveling. As mentioned above, when I am on the road with a drone, I need two separate bags, and this typically means two backpacks full of expensive gear that I need to constantly keep my eye on. Travelers are after all, a target for opportunists!_DSC7205


Being able to sell content shot on a phone is absolutely game changing.

Also as mentioned above, the iphone helps motivate me to get more done. While others are listening to music, playing games, or browsing social media; I am setting up time lapse shots, editng a quick video in imovie, or taking notes (audio, video or written) on story ideas and details. Once you combine that with the compass, GPS, maps, and internet browser, it makes the iphone THE essential tool for creatives on the road.