Coron - Hiking Mt Tapyas

Coron - Hiking Mt Tapyas


The most iconic landmark in all of Coron is Mt Tapyas. This is the mountain bearing the large sign spelling out the name of the city in large white letters. At night, it is liit up and can continue to be seen even once the sun has set. This landmark can be seen from just about anywhere in the city, and is the first recognizable sight when returning to Coron Harbor from a day of island hopping. Not many places make this very clear, but hiking Mt Tapyas is one of the only “free” activities in all of Coron, and on top of that, it is also one of the most rewarding.


Getting There is Easy From Anywhere

Signs along the main road through Coron Town clearly give directions to the “Mt Tapyas View Deck” to anyone paying attention.

The short walk from the main road is very easily accessible by foot, but it is an uphill journey the entire way. If visitors wish to preserve their energy for the climb of Mt Tapyas itself, then it is cheap enough to take a tricycle to the starting point. The cost for this ride to the base of Mt Tapyas should only be 10 pesos from just about anywhere within the town.


The base of the hike to the Mt Tapyas view deck is a small parking lot that is often filled with tour vans, tricycles and local vendors. This is the best location to purchase something to drink as there are no shops at the top.

While you may encounter sales people along the way to the top, the majority of them will be selling dry bags, cell phone holders, and perhaps even ice cream (which only makes you thirstier) so, it is best to stock up at the bottom.

Step One is to Start with Step One

The concrete hike to the top is a very clean walkway, with perfectly even intervals all the way up the seven hundred (700 +) or so step climb, something that cannot be said about MOST stairs that you will encounter in Coron town and on island hopping tours. There are handrails on both sides of the very wide walkway.

Visitors to My Tapyas will be glad to know that along with these friendly conditions, there are many “rest stops’ along the way in the form of benches, with almost half of them including a roof to shield you from the sun or rain. While this is the case, it is best to save this hike for a time that you have a good amount of energy. Attempting this climb after a full day of island hopping could be very taxing for some. Those in excellent physical shape should not be too concerned, as this is a very simple technical climb.


At about one third of the way up there is a little park, which is mostly still under construction in April of 2018. This large, flat area has electricity (but do not expect to find a place to charge devices at this time), a manmade waterfall, and at least two pavilions that look to be (future) restaurants. This park area is popular as a rest stop and as a place for people to take photos. With the exception of the view deck itself, this spot will offer larger groups the best opportunity to get everyone in the shot. It is also the place where everyone in the group wont look so tried or sweaty, so get those group shots in while you are here. It is true that the views of Coron town and harbor are impressive from here, and they only continue to offer a more spectacular view as you ascend towards the summit.


Continuing on along the stairway, you can occasionally see the stair count written into the concrete. Its fun to track your progress in this way, but you can also see the CORON sign along most of the climb, so you can also visually track your progress that way as well.

Started From the Bottom, Now We’re Here

The last few flights look exactly the same as the first few, but they also offer great views of the top of Mt Tapyas from just below the deck. These stairs may seem a bit taller to some than those at the bottom; they are not, that is just fatigue talking to you.


Once you have reached the very large view deck at the top of the stairs, wide views of the entirety of Coron town and harbor will be in front of you in nearly every direction. Time your arrival for an hour before sunset, and stunning western views will also not fail to impress before the sun disappears behind the distant mountains.


The folks that planned this destination did an excellent job of making sure that there is plenty of room at the top. The front railings (which offer the best photos) never seemed crowded, despite the large number of people already there.

Many photo opportunities also await visitors here, with the choices of the harbor or the cross as some of your options. There is adequate space for large groups to get those shots in as well. Even drone pilots can take off and land safely here as the concrete patio can have enough space away from the crowds, but remember to be responsible on courteous if that is your plan. The additional height and perspectives that a drone can add to this hike are worth carrying the extra weight.


A second set of stairs and platform offer those that still have energy left a further elevated view, with the deck itself in the foreground. An unpaved walking path encircles this top terrace and even has a short side hike to a pavilion in the back. The views of the hills and mountains here will rival those of the harbor in the front. It is definitely advisable to not skip this short hike.


After lots of photo taking and some much needed rest, tourists will be glad to find the descent much easier than the climb. Be kind and offer encouragement to those that you pass along the way down.

Enjoy your stay in Coron.