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Molo Mansion

Molo Mansion stands out as one of the shining jewels in the crown of Iloilo City, the Queen City of the South.


The official name of Molo Mansion is the Youay-Consing Mansion. This historic building was built in the 1920’s by the affluent Lacson Family.


This beautiful home actually once sat abandoned for many years until it was purchased, restored, and turned into a museum for Illongo Heritage.

And it has a retail shop as well. Kultura features high-end, traditional Filipino designed goods, and occupies the entire ground floor of the building.


The Molo Mansion's Garden Cafe

Towards the rear of the property is the appropriately named "Sabor Ilonggo Cafe" which sits in what would be considered, the back yard. This cafe is a popular gathering place for tourists, students, and locals alike. By the name, you could guess that the Sabor Ilonggo Cafe specializes in local flavors of the Ilonggo culture. Desserts, coffee, and ice cream are the most common merienda (afternoon snacks) that are consumed here.

The grounds of the mansion are mostly grass, surrounded by plenty of smaller trees for privacy from the bustling plaza across the street. The largest, and most particularly beautiful of the trees on the property of Molo Mansion is a Balette tree. With a hollow trunk and long veils that hang down, this peaceful giant provides shade to the majority of the cafe's tables.

It is easy to relax here in the garden and get lost in conversation. This green space is a much appreciated escape from the busy Iloilo City, which does not have many areas like this in the city proper. The construction of the Iloilo City Esplenade is more proof the people also enjoy spending time in outdoor spaces.


How to Get there

The Molo Mansion is located just across from the (Molo) Plaza and (Molo) Church in the Molo District of Iloilo City. It is accessible on foot, by jeep, or taxi, and less than a kilometer from the city's Bus and Van terminal. The Grab app also operates in Iloilo City and Bacolod, so there are plenty of easy ways to get around town and Molo Plaza is a major landmark in the city.

Explore more in Iloilo City, which is one of the Visayas region's major transportation hubs. You can get around via p2p bus at the Ceres Terminal or via fastcraft at the passenger terminal.