Molo Mansion

Molo Mansion

Philippines / Visayas / Iloilo City

If Iloilo City is known as the Queen City of the South (that is indeed a nickname) then Molo Mansion is one of the jewels in her crown.


Officially named the Youay-Consing Mansion, this building it was built in the 1920’s by the affluent Lacson Family but today, is more widely known as the Molo Mansion.


This beautiful home actually once sat abandoned for many years until it was purchased, restored, and turned into a museum for Illongo Heritage.

And it has a retail shop as well. Kultura features high-end, traditional Filipino designed goods, and occupies the entire ground floor of the building.


There is a cafe outside on the public grounds and plenty of seating underneath the large Balete tree. Just look out for the Aswang! Haha jk. Aswang are any variety of vampire, warewolf, supernatural beast that live in Balete trees according to Filipino legends… and several horror movies. The beautifully veiled tree is massive, lives for hundreds if not a thousand years, and grows a large hollow cavity, which houses many bugs lizards and smaller animals… and Aswang.


How to Get there

The mansion is located just across from the Plaza and Church in the Molo district of Iloilo City. It is accessible on foot, by jeep, or taxi. Grab operates in Iloilo City and Bacolod, so its VERY inexpensive and simple to get around town. I like to walk, so I did that as much as possible.

Explore more in Iloilo City, which is a major transportation hub. You can get around via bus at the Ceres Terminal or via fastcraft.