Marimegmeg Beach

Marimegmeg Beach

A quick 15 minute tricycle ride south from El Nido town brings you to a seemingly random spot on the side of the road marked by a line of trikes waiting for return trippers. The drivers gather to smoke cigarettes, share stories, and keep tabs of the next trip with a colorful chalkboard, albeit worn down by the salty ocean air. Descend a few stories down the tall concrete stairway towards the shoreline, and the first thing that you see, even before the water, or sand, is a bar. This is what sets the tone for Marimegmeg Beach.



Known for its beautiful sunsets and odd mixture of high end resorts and ‘chill out’ bars, Marimegmeg Beach is now more typically referred to as “Las Cabanas” after the largest resort at this destination. Dos Cabanas Resort is actually one of the very first resorts in El Nido.

This gem of a getaway is located at the end of the beach on a sandy point that is a short walk across the shallow straight to the marine reserve, Depeldet island.



The 6+ story tall zip line is the currently biggest (and only) commercial attraction here, and the sunset view is perhaps the biggest (free) natural attraction aside from the white sand beach itself.

The cleanest and most inviting section of this entire beach is actually the public 150 meter stretch that sits in front of a buko plantation. The tall, slender coconut palms neatly dot the shore, beautifully arranged, and tended by locals. They pride themselves in having the cleanest, most beautifully kept beach in Marimegmeg, much more so than the expensive private resorts!



The surf here is calm, the sand is white, soft and powdery, but not quite as devoid of stones, shells and coral as the nearby Nacpan Beach.

There is a growing number of tourists flocking here for afternoon drinks along the beach. Along with having the highest concentration of western tourist in El Nido, there is currently LOTS of construction going on here at Marimegmeg, more than I have seen at any other place in El Nido town, perhaps this is not a coincidence.



What this beach does lack is snorkeling. This is just a heads up, really. You should be getting your coral reef snorkeling fix on the island hopping tours, and it should not be expected from the inland beaches. It is true that you can rent a mask, snorkel and fins from venders along these beaches, but the underwater sites you will see are NOTHING in comparison to the reefs you will visit on boating tours.
Marimegmeg (Los Cabanas beach) is best saved for days in which the weather is not ideal for island hopping. A fantastic backup plan, or better yet, a great sunset watching location after a day long tour, if you still have the energy.