Manila Bay @ The Mall of Asia

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Manila Bay @ The Mall of Asia

It is nearly impossible to visit the city of Manila and not make a visit to Manila Bay at the Mall of Asia. The Manila Eye is the one feature that stands out in this area, so much so that I did a separate feature on the eye itself.


My previous visit to this area was in 2006. Then, this newly reclaimed land was still raw and fairly undeveloped... except for the massive call center complex and the still unopened Mall of Asia.



Needless to say, I was not impressed with MOA on my most recent visit in 2016, (how many malls ACTUALLY impress you?) but the further land development in this area, and Manila in general, is nothing short of impressive. Above is one of the saving graces of MOA, several areas to catch the Manila Bay sunset.



Above, a mid-day Manila bay shot over calm waters. To the right, a horse and
'kalesa' (kuh-lay-suh) or traditional Filipino carriage await a customer along Roxas (pronounced row-hahs) Blvd, and the adjacent sidewalk on Manila Bay. These single horse drawn modes of transport were originally introduced to the Philippine islands during the 18th century by the Spanish Colonizers.

While kalesas were typically reserved for dignitaries and the wealthy citizens of the time; today, they are only a novelty around historic areas in the Philippines, typically filled with tourists. They are inexpensive and worth a ride, specially around the nearby Intramuros.

In summary, do not overlook the MOA area of Manila bay as a photography opportunity. The wide sidewalks and elevated sky bridge presents PLENTY of sunset opportunities even when it is really crowded.