Begining as a passion project,


Begining as a passion project, is the work of a single contributor: Joshua Orozco.

His parents' generation, born and raised in Merto Manila did nothing but work until they emigrated to the US. They did not have the opportunity to travel and see their own country because they did nothing but work and go to school in order to make that dream happen.

In the Philippines of the 1960's and 70's traveling around the islands was not as accessable or as safe as it is today.

Today, there are tens of thousands of Filipinos and their children returning home to rediscover their homeland; in turn, supporting growing travel and ecotourism industries.

For the last year, Joshua has been traveling, writing, and creating a guide for these balikbayan Filipinos as they explore and experience their Philippines, some for the first time.

Originally conceived for an audience of both amateur and professional photographers, 'Unofficial Guide' has shifted focus on producing the most helpful and entertaining travel contnt for native Filipinos and their foreign counterparts.

The stories exist in written form, but ideally, they can be told without the words.

Like most creative works, 'Unofficial Guide' is always adapting to the demands of its audience. Readers can find posts on several different topics such as:

Travel: Short stories and editorials focused on a specific destination

Route finding: Detailed directions for complicated trips

Gear: Cameras, drone, and travel necessities

Photo Stories: Travel sans the written word

Travel destinations are currently focused within The Philippines, Ecuador, and the United States as these are the places that the author finds himself the most. These will continue to grow as travel continues and new places are reached.


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