The Hot Springs in Laguna

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The Hot Springs in Laguna

One would be hard pressed to visit the south eastern corner of Laguna province along the lake and not be overwhelmed by the large number of solicitors holding up the yellow signs offering some time at their natural, hot spring fed ‘private pools’.



This tourist attraction is something that has been going on since the 1970’s in the Laguna province when many of the small resorts and motels first sprung up. Some of the places looked like they have seen little to no renovation since then as well.


I was lucky enough to have one particular place all to my self on this day. A large, natural hot spring fed swimming pool that was chemical free and not too warm so that it was still refreshing on the humid, subtropical November day. Even though I opted out of the slide, the calm, quiet, pool itself was a welcome getaway from the busy road full of tricycles and solicitors just a few meters removed from the resort.




These small resorts are certainly more of a family getaway than one that a solo traveler would seek out. In fact, most of them have little more to offer than a pool and an air conditioned room, but for the cost, the privacy and the relaxation factor I would add a private pool resort to the ‘must do’ list when traveling through the Laguna province. Very few other activities will allow you to slow down and get away from the busy hustle and bustle, even though you are already several dozen kilometers away from Manila. Even the waterfalls in the Laguna province were quite the crowded pain, not to mention unexpectedly pricey, and far from impressive. Take time to do a little research on a well maintained resort and you will not regret adding this to your Laguna travel itinerary.