Coron: Island Escapades Tour

Coron: Island Escapades Tour

One of the most popular day tours in Coron is the Island Escapades tour. This whole-day island-hopping adventure typically includes lunch and makes stops at three amazing islands.

Depending on the tour operator that you choose, prices may vary slightly and the order that the stops are visited may change around as well. This guide will help you know what to expect on the Island Escapades Tour of Coron and hopefully help you prepare for your trip so that you enjoy as much as possible.

The three islands stops that you will make on this tour are:
• Bulog Dos Island
• Banana Island
• Malacapuya Island



Bulog Dos Island (Malacory Island, Cauayan Island)

What is commonly referred to as the Bulog Dos Island stop of the tour is a bit misleading. There is no Bulog Dos island on Google Maps because the piece of land that boatmen moor in front of is just a few rocks and a sandbar. This is what they call Bulog Dos. The nearby Malacory and Cauayan Islands are part of this chain that extends from a tip of the much larger Bulalacao Island. Also on that tip of the island is the ultra-pricey and very exclusive Two Seasons Resort, which is a frequent getaway for the wealthy including many Filipino film and television celebrities.

Banana Island

A fun stop along the way is Banana island. With a large white sand beach that is great for swimming, kayak rentals, and covered traditional huts, this is a popular stop for lunch.


To read about this amazing location in greater detail, and see additional photos, go to the Banana Island post.

Malacapuya Island

The last island to be talked about on the Island Escapades island hopping tour is Malacapuya Island. While it does hold the title of largest island stop on the day’s tour, it is still a very small island that can be circumnavigated on foot in under 30 minutes.



Malacapuya island does have a few permanent inhabitants. The locals that live here are as welcoming as any Filipinos could be, and they act as the caretakers of the island. A sand basketball court, is the highlight of the land based activities. Local boys are glad to play a game of pick up with you.

The beach designated for swimming has clean white sand, and slopes gradually into warm, crystal clear waters. The reef is on the opposite side of the island so this beach is nearly perfect for swimming and kayaking, though snorkeling is rather uneventful at this location. To read about this location in greater detail, and see additional photos, go to the Malacapuya Island post.

What to Bring on the Island Escapades Tour:

Every Island hopping tour is different, with an infinite combination of activities and factors in play. But the focus of the Island Escapades Tour is clear, and that is to get as much beach time as possible during the three stops of the day.

Below is a list of the essentials that you will want to have with you while exploring Coron’s outlaying islands.


Sun protection

You will be in and out of the water all day, so reapplying frequently is important. You are going to need lots of sunblock. A hat and sunglasses are not bad items to bring along either, just don’t bring anything too expensive. You will be moving around a lot and sharing a boat with lots of people, small items can get lost, accidentally taken, or broken easily.


Having an active day in the sun means the need to stay hydrated is very important. Water is inexpensive in town so pick up a large bottle (less plastic waste is better) and use a sharpie or magic marker to write your name on it. Try and keep it on the boat and under the bench so that it stays out of direct sunlight.

Microfiber Towel

Typically, a day at the pool or at the beach means that you’re getting out of the water once or twice during the day, but when you are island hopping you are getting in and out of the water many, many times and at different locations. The key is to have something that is lightweight and dries very fast. Microfiber will outperform heavy cotton any day for this sort of application. Remember that you will be wiping of your sunblock too, so a second towel may not be a bad idea. Two microfiber towels still take up less space and weight than a similarly sized cotton towel.


Dry Bag

If you only want to carry around one thing all day, make it a dry bag. Keep your electronics safe, specially when getting on and off the boat, since you will most likely be wading into the ocean to do so. You can get 30l dry bag backpacks so days like today.


These locations are so beautiful that you are going to want to capture as much as possible. A camera is an essential part of this island hopping tour, but depending on your level of seriousness in photography, your cell phone camera may be enough! Bright sunny days always look great in cell phone pictures.


Thats It! Enjoy your Island Escapades Tour!