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International Driver's Permit

I acquired my IDP (international Driver's Permit) today.

It was just $20, plus $13.50 to get a passport photo done. They had the ability to do it all in house at the AAA location that I went to in Baltimore. Have you ever been to one? They have travel things, like suitcases, neck pillows and RFID blocking wallets for sale, right along side insurance salesmen/women, towing services, and a full automotive garage. Its a weird combination of a place.


I have operated a motor vehicle in a handful of countries in the past with only my US drivers license, and it was not until many years later that I discovered that this is NOT enough to allow you to operate a vehicle in another country.


After digging through forums, travel blogs, and corners of the internet to try and find clear (and somewhat official sounding) information on what you actually need to drive in another country. The answers were scattered; contradicting, and trolling. The safe answer was given by the US Department of State's website, and that is to contact the embassy of the country you are visiting.


For more info on what the Department of State has to say about IDP's, you can read up on their website at

You can download and fill out the form, but if you have the option of going to a AAA office/ garage, I would suggest just walking in and getting it all taken care of at once.

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Happy traveling, and safe driving!

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