Boracay Local: Getting to Spider House

Boracay  Local: Getting to Spider House

Off the beaten track, in a small cove’s beach, is a concentration of high end resorts for luxury travelers. These are mostly foreign owned, and there are even recognizable names like Wyndham Hotels present in this area of Boracay known as Din-Iwid.


Tucked back along the water is another unique resort and restaurant called Spider House. This happens to be one of my favorite places in Boracay because of the views, and the relaxing atmosphere… but its not that easy to get to, and perhaps that’s what I like best about Spider House.


There certainly is a lot to like about Spider House

The restaurant has a platform to dive from, a ladder to climb up from the water, a floating island (anchored into the rocks below), and some great snorkeling opportunities. Yes, swimming and snorkeling are popular activities here. If you’re coming for the sunset, be sure to arrive early enough to get a table with a view.

There are two route options to Spider House

Route One: The National Road



You can catch a trike or an electric vehicle just about anywhere along the national road, but it will cost you about 150 from D Mall. Head towards Puka Beach until you get to the Robinson’s City Mall Boracay.

Please pardon these images as they were taken in April 2017 when the first indoor shopping mall in Boracay was still under construction.



Turn (left) at Din-Iwid Rd. and proceed bast the Boracay City Mall property, a total of 1.5km to the end of the road. The road then turns into a narrow walking path.


The path opens back up to the center of Din-Iwid beach. Head to the right towards the wall of resorts on the hill.

Walking From White Beach

Depending on where you are planning on starting from, this could be a long walk. It will be a good 4-5 kilometers from Station 2 and Station 3 for sure, but those of you coming from Station 1 will only have to walk about 1-3km. Plan accordingly.


This is an easy walk along the beach, though it is much easier at low tide due to a short section at the far end of Station 1 where there is no beach at high tide. Even then, the water is less then a half a meter deep and is easy to walk through. I did a more complete story on this north end of Station 1 as well.


Follow the beach, then the paved walking path along the rocks, around the grotto and ending in a small fisherman’s cove.


Navigate around the beached vessels, and the path picks up again at the other side of the beach.


Hike up the stairs, under the giant tree, and back down the stairs. You have arrived at Din-Iwid Beach!


Keep walking towards the mountainous rock on the other side of the beach.

This is a GREAT way to spend an afternoon walking when the sun’s UV rays aren’t as strong. Just be sure to end up watching a free sunset while in the warm waters of Din-Iwid, followed by dinner at Spider House. By this time the restaurant should be empty because the sunset gazers have all left.


From Din-Iwid

Follow the walking path along the water and it will lead you to the high-end Nami Resort, which brags of the best views in all of Boracay from their rooftop terrace. That is a must do for me on my next visit to the island.




Continue to follow the path through the Nami Resort patio and you will see the sign for the entrance to Spider House. This dark area is constantly under construction so be careful! Watch your step and wind your way through the tunnel until you arrive at the host station.


The resort is just up the stairs and the resto is just down one flight.


Enjoy your visit to the Spider House Resort and Restaurant while you are in Boracay!

For more images, you can also check out my Photo Story on Spider House.

Have fun!