At the North End of White Beach, Boracay

At the North End of White Beach, Boracay

Boracay’s White beach is divided into three “stations” where the tour and sail boats dock just off shore.

Most business also acknowledge their location in regards to their proximity to station one through three. Station Three is the southernmost section of White Beach. Mostly populated by smaller resorts and dive shops, this is a quiet part of town, but is also out of reach of Globe’s free wifi.


Station Two is home of D*Mall and is the commercial heart of the island.

Heading further north along the 4km stretch of sand takes us to Station One. It is here, in Station One that most of the high-end resorts on White Beach can be found. More spaced-out, less populous, and far less available in terms of nightlife. But what is at the very northern end of Station One?



After a nice walk along the water, you will come to a paved trail that leads you around some rocks that jut out along the water. There is a nice grotto here, along with amazing views of the entire stretch of White Beach.


Continuing along this path takes you to a little cove where local fisherman park their boats. This is most likely a major source of the seafood you buy at D*Talipapa!



Winding further along the trail lands us in Din-Iwid beach! What an amazing discovery as a tourist to find a walking path to the neighboring beach. This walk along the water is a free MUST DO in Boracay. While in Din-Iwid, you should check out Spider House!



Safe travels.