It was unplanned, unexpected and unorthodox, but


It was unplanned, unexpected and unorthodox, but when I acquired a drone in Oct of 2016, I had no idea that it would turn into such a valuable travel companion.

Read how I stumbled onto becoming a drone pilot here.




I proudly shoot DJI drones. Anyone can build a remote controlled drone with 1980's technology and very little money. It is the software wich makes the difference, and DJI's flight software is intuitive and reliable.




Need help choosing which drone package is right for you?

You've got three choices with DJI pro-sumer drones: The Phantom Pro series, the Mavic Pro series, and the Spark.

The Phantom is the largest of the three and also has the most capable camera. It has a one inch sensor which helps improve low light performance and overall image quality. The sensor, gimbal, and wide lens make this the best for photo and video purposes, but the size and overall weight of kit is a deterrant for most travelers. This is the series that I carry around. My work is so reliant on images that I pack around this piece of gear when I travel.

The Mavic Pro matches or beats the Phantom in just about every category... except camera. The smaller sensor in this drone is a step down in overall image performace from the Phantom series, but the overall size and weight make The Mavic Pro a favorite for travelers.

The Spark is the smallest of the three options, DJI's first product in the popular "personal drone" category. This is a fun device that is hand launched/ landed, gesture or phone controlled, and chock full of smart features also found on the Mavic and Phantoms. This is perhaps the easiest high quality drone available to travel with. It wont get all the shots that I want, but for the price, it is very impressive and a MUST for travel bloggers.