Boracay's Hidden Din-Iwid Beach

Boracay's Hidden Din-Iwid Beach

Philippines / Visayas / Aklan/ Boracay

The thought that any place could remain 'hidden' on Boracay for long is really a farce; but Din-Iwid beach maintains the illusion of being hidden because it rests in a cove, and is not visible from White Beach or the main road. Perhaps the term small scale is a more accurate description of this place.


A short trike ride along the National Road will lead you the first mall on Boracay: City Mall. This large concrete structure dwarfs almost anything else on this sparsely populated tropical island. City Mall is the can't miss landmark on the road that leads to Din-Iwid. Once you make the only turn at this intersection (heading west) you find yourself traveling down a mostly gravel road that leads you straight back to the beach, but not before you travel through the village (Barangay as referred to by locals) that lends its name to this tiny gem of a beach.


Blessed with the same soft, powdery sand found on White Beach, crystal clear water, and almost complete lack of surf; Din -Iwid is a tiny replica of the 8km long stretch found between Station 1 and Station 3.
The north end of this cove features high end resorts such as Nami and Spider House that are built straight up the cliff and boast phenomenal views. Make sure to check out the photo story on Spider House as well.


Looking south, the rocks that form the bottom end of the cove are thick with coconut palms and greenery, and mask a footpath that winds along the water and leads you to the north end of White Beach, Station 1! It is quite a beautiful walk and well worth skipping the trike if you have the time and energy. You pass along a second cove with more jagged rocks and a parking area for local fisherman to dry dock their boats while not working.