Day Trip to Carbin Reef

Day Trip to Carbin Reef

Philippines / Visayas / Negros Occidental / Sagay

With no permanent structures, plant or animal life, including human inhabitants, Carbin Reef is by every definition of the word sandbar.



Facing north towards the Visayan Sea, there is nothing but open water and the tiny strip of white sand beneath your feet to appreciate the beauty of the Sagay Marine Reserve while standing on Carbin Reef.



Because there are no overnight accommodations or camping allowed, this is only possible as a daytrip destination, but quite an enjoyable way to be out in nature and get away from the mainland.





The 20 minute pumpboat trip from the port in Sagay, Negros Occidental to Carbin Reef will cost you about 1000 pesos (20 US dollars) for 6 people or less, and the boat will stay with you on the reef until you are ready to leave. You can purchase your tickets and reserve a canopy (HIGHLY recommended) at the terminal station at the entrance to the pier. Its pretty obvious and easy to find.

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