Canyon Cove Resort, Nasugbu

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Canyon Cove Resort, Nasugbu

Exploring the South Western area of Luzon may not be high on everyone's list but the coast below Corigador and the mouth of Manila Bay does have many fantastic opportunities that are worth the drive.


Canyon Cove resort just outside the town of Nasugbu has a fantastic beach and an even more impressive pool. More importantly, it presented plenty of opportunities for me to fly my drone, virtually unobstructed. Keep in mind this was only my second flight! Sending up an expensive toy over water is never short of nerve wrecking the first couple of times you do it, but the calm seas and mild wind gave me the confidence to let her fly. I was even brave enough to do a few low flights along the water and some resort flyovers, revealing the rice terraces and mountains in the distance.



White sand, crystal clear waters and coral reef formations truly stole the show from the still impressive manmade additions to the area. Namely the massive pool and gorgeously manicured landscape. You wont see me in any of these drone shots because I was comfortably hiding in the shade and comfort of the beach huts that line the edge of the sand.

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This particular cove was not only beautiful, but it was also nearly empty. Mid day on a weekday, prior to the resort check-in time was definitely an ideal time to fly! Along the coast, to the south, was a green grass blanketed cliff that has somehow managed to avoid erosion. My signal (between the drone and the controller) was strong so I decided to do a few flyovers, which made for some great views.
The resort itself was a bit pricey (in comparison to similar resorts around Luzon) and the rooms, while spacious, were not as cozy as you would hope, but the pool, restaurant and of course Canyon Cove itself more than made up for it. I would certainly recommend Pico De Loro if you are more into luxury amenities, but being a members only, exclusive resort, the opportunity may not present itself. Canyon Cove wins as far as pool, water, and beach regardless, as made evident from the images below.




I cannot dub Canyon Cove as a 'must see', but if you have a drone, and crave some serious pool time, then this resort should be a consideration for sure.