Bulabog Beach: Kitesurfing Haven

Bulabog Beach: Kitesurfing Haven

Do an internet search for "Best Kitesurfing in the World" and the island of Boracay will turn up on MOST of those lists.

While White Beach is a dive and sunbathing haven, the kite boarders and windsurfers all gather across the tiny island on Bulabog Beach. Just a short 10 min walk from D*mall (Boracay's central shopping district and the commercial hub of the island) You will find Bulabog Beach very different. The shallow cove is flush with tourists from all over the world, and the beach has no shortage of places to rent equipment and schools to help you learn how to ride the wind.




Hangin is the Tagalog word for wind... its a coincidence that it matches surfer slang in English. But it is NO coincidence that the first place that you come across when walking to Bulabog BEach from D*Mall is called Hangin Kite Resort. This is a great place to catch some wind during the day, get some drinks in the evening while sitting on the beach, or sign up for the foosball (table soccer) tournament!


Speaking of foosball tournaments, I happened to be chatting to a windsurfing instructor from Turkey during the downtime of a recent tourney and he said that Boracay is world class indeed. The scenery, weather, and wind are phenomenal, but the only downside on Boracay compared to places like Sri Lanka and Southern US beach towns were the abundance of sea urchins at Bulabog during certain times of year. While uni is a delicious treat, it is apparently not fun to land on when you wipe out.