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An Exercise in Street Photography
Traveling into Boston during the cold, cold month of December, I wanted to pack light on camera gear... which to me means: one body, one lens. And I wanted to make it a small lens as well, so I chose my Zeiss Planar T* 50mm 1.7 on my 5D mII


Hold on a second, a 50mm lens for street photography, in a big city?
Sure, why not? In fact, I always preach to fight the obvious shots and see outside of the box. There is no easier way to do that than to pick an unconventional lens and focal length for what you are doing. 500mm is as good as any, specially in a crowded city full of tall buildings!
Given the title of this post, it is safe to assume that I chose to talk about my portrait images.


Shooting vertically took care of the "not wide enough" problem.
I really enjoy shooting in portrait orientation in the city. To me it feels more natural and the images make more sense. Shooting at 35mm, or even 24mm really distorts the lines of buildings and makes it look weird without significant lens correction. Who wants to spend time FIXING photos? I'd rather be shooting.

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