Boracay Sunsets

Boracay Sunsets

Ask anyone that has seen one in person and they will agree: Boracay Sunsets are world class.

The sun appears much larger in the tropics, and its warm orange glow lights up the entire sky. Perhaps the best of all is that each sunset on Boracay is unique and absolutely free. You can enjoy a different looking sunset every day on the island, or spend a little bit of money and be on the water for a sunset cruise on a catamaran.



The sunset cruises last about a half hour and leave from three main places on the island. Actually most people don't even realize that Boracay's White Beach is divided into three sections based on these boating stations.
The inexpensive cruises offer you just one option of how to experience a sunset, but there are many, many more options of where to witness this beautiful display of nature.



The beach at Din-Iwid is the free option with a similar view. Just jump
into the water and watch it from there like I did one evening.



Puka Shell Beach is another free spot to watch the sunset. You are going to have to walk along the shore a little bit to get a decent view, but it will be worth it because there are fewer crowds there.


Station Two (seen above) is probably the most popular, and therefore crowded, place to get some photos, but it is certainly worth checking out one evening, just for the atmosphere. With tourists crowding the shore taking selfies, and sailboats on the horizon it is quite an experience and wont cost you a single peso.
Take a walk around during the day and find your perfect place to enjoy the Boracay sunset. Safe travels!