Late Night Food in Boracay

Late Night Food in Boracay

On an island that is constantly rated the top in the world for many varieties of reasons there is one standout luxury that is missing: Late Night Eats

Sure, there are a few options that are open past 11pm, but even then, the selection can be thin. A lack of late night food options was certainly not expected; not after seeing how cities like Manila are literally open 24 hours of the day.


Here are my top three choices for late night food on Boracay

3) Jammers

Conveniently located on the beach path on Station Two, right next door to Epic nightclub, Jammers stocks their food for late night partiers and is typically open until past 2 am. They have an assortment of food options, and even beer. The food isn’t great, but this location is so close to the action that it is a popular hangout. It is also a great place to do some late night people watching.


2) Andok’s Station Three

Yeah, it’s a chain, but their food is tasty, and the quality is consistent. It’s a nice bonus that it is super affordable and fried foods happen to make for great late night meals. Note that the Andok’s at DMall typically runs out of food and closes earlier than this location. This one is a bit further down the beach path in a less crowded area; you’re going to walk further, but if you are hungry, there are not many options. Try the pork charap with litson sauce!

1) Smoke Restaurant @ D Mall

This place will stay open as long as there are steady customers, and you can even get a free ride between Smoke Resto locations (D Mall and Bulabog) , but most importantly: The food is great! With a menu full of selections, food cooked right in front of you until late in the night, Smoke Resto is a win… specially after midnight! Try their beef with mushroom, or their sizzling bulalo!


Late night losers: Sometimes, being open and having hot food is not good enough.

The only 24 hour restaurant in Boracay is the McDonald’s on the national road next to D Mall. This location is typically flooded with people that have been drinking and it is rarely clean during the overnight shifts. I’m not really a fan of McDonald’s in the Philippines and the limited late night menu makes it a deal breaker for me.

There is also a McDo between station three and station two, but it closes earlier in the evening. The moto drivers wait there to offer rides on the back of their bikes to the 24 hour McDo. Its brilliant on their part.

Too little, when its late

In summary, Boracay has a long way to go for late night food options compared to most 24 hour cities like Manila. You hear all the time from Filipinos that “Boracay is too commercialized”, but with the exception of a few businesses, the island shuts down after 10pm and food options are limited. Your best bet is to get on an early schedule and wake up with the sun. Enjoy your travels!