The 3 Most Memorable Things to do in Boracay

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The 3 Most Memorable Things to do in Boracay

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Take The Sunset Cruise

Boracay sunsets are not only world class, but every single one is unique! Hop on a catamaran anywhere along White Beach in the late afternoon and do the sunset cruise for a truly memorable experience. This is something that you can do more than once and the experience and views change! This is perfect solo, for a date, or with the whole family. Your feet dangling over the crystal clear water, wind in your hair and a world class sunset in the distance will set up the perfect photo opportunities.



Get a Custom Made Sand Sculpture

What better way to make your friends at home jealous than posting a picture of your own custom made sand sculpture in a tropical paradise. Well, ok, the scenery will probably make them more jealous, but the sculpture will be the icing on the cake!


The talented Filipino beach kids are expert sand sculpture artists, and for a small fee, they will build you an original creation of your own. Personalized with your name and date!



Get Custom Made Souvenirs

If you are looking to save some money on souvenirs for yourself or friends and family back home then Boracay has many options for you. Not only are carved wooden key chains some of the cheapest and most common nick-knacks available, but you can get names carved on them as part of the purchase price! I was able to spot a few deals that were 7 custom carved key chains for 100 pesos! Walking a little off the beaten path will lead you to more and more places to buy things. D*Talipapa market in Station 3 is a great place to start your search. Walking along the beach is almost a guarantee to pay more.