Coron - Banana Island

Coron - Banana Island

With a travel time of about an hour and a half (1.5 hrs) from Coron’s harbor, Banana Island is not exactly close; though tourists (maybe not so) quickly find out that this is very common for Coron’s long list of island hopping tour destinations.


The good news is that the tours are planned well enough that the groups of islands you visit will all be relatively close to each other; thereby limiting the long transit times to the beginning and end of your day hopping islands in Coron.



Which Came First, the Banana or the Resort?

The centuries old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, can apply here as well. The lone resort on Banana Island is called Banana Island Resort, so this is a valid question… but the most relevant news is not the origins of the islands name, but the future of the island itself. A tour guide informed his group during a lunch stop on Banana Island in 2018 that a private investor has inquired on purchasing the remaining pubic land on the island, which could potentially remove it as a stop on Coron’s island hopping tour in the near future.

Regardless of its future, Banana Island is currently a wonderful place to enjoy a day. As one of the 3 (three) stops on the Island Escapades Tour, and the longest stop to accommodate lunch, tourists are able to enjoy many different outdoor activities here.


The Beach and the Water Activities

The island’s white sand beach is free from rocks and coral, with plenty of space for resort guests to share with tourists from the arriving tour boats. Visitors enjoy swimming in the waters just off shore because they are free from rocks and coral as well, which makes for excellent swimming conditions. Snorkeling is also possible, with many little fish in the shallows, but they can be territorial and even a bit nippy in the shallows. Swimming further out into deeper water will help snorkelers avoid them, but there are not many hard or soft corals to be seen at this location.


Kayak rentals from the resort are possible, but the number of available boats are very limited. If paddling is an interest of yours, it is best to choose a tour company that offers rentals, and carries them along on the tour boat. A walk around Coron town along the many different tour offices will help get this sorted out. Do not be shy to ask questions about what is included in the tour, even try some negotiating as these ‘extras” can often times be thrown in at little or no cost if they are trying to fill a boat/ group.


Banana Island’s large beach also offers ample space to safely take off and land a drone if you would like to fly here. There are no towers to cause interference so flying conditions are ideal. Banana Island itself is rather small, and it looks quite impressive from the air, not to mention that the nearby Bulog Dos Island is only separated by a small (deep) channel between the two sunken reefs surrounding each island.



Have fun on your island hopping tour day in Coron and enjoy your time on Banana Island.