Gigantes Sur: Antonia Beach

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Gigantes Sur: Antonia Beach

Antonia Beach is actually named after the lone resort on the peninsula. The self-contained, generator run, resort on the remote island of Gigantes Sur is one of the tourism hotspots of the region.


I call it a self-contained resort because most of the staff lives on site with their family. There are few greater illustrations of how closely nit work and home/ family are in the Philippines. It is a way of life.



The Geography

The peninsula is made up of two large piles of rocks that are connected by a white sand beach and grove of palm trees.



Antonia Resort guests can enjoy luxury air-conditioned family sized tents, simple cottages, or primitive campsites on the beach.



Activities are endless at Antonia’s

• Jet Ski Rental
• Banana Boat/ Flying Fish
• Island Hopping
• Beaching
• Snorkeling/ Swimming

What to Bring

  • A beach towel
  • Snorkel Gear
  • Water Shoes
  • Wide Brimmed Hat
  • Underwater Camera
  • Drone



This area is great for flying a drone. There is almost zero air traffic in the region, no cell towers to cause interference, and nothing but open water. You can enjoy great line of sight and an amazing aerial view of this tropical paradise. I fly a DJI Phantom, but the Mavic Pro and even the little DJI Spark is a viable camera to bring along to a place like Antonia’s. A MUST for travel bloggers for sure!



The biggest draw to this place is the seafood. Antonia’s resort gets an influx of daytrippers and island hoppers in addition to their own resort guests. Most of them are here to eat sea scallops. At the cost of one peso each (yes you heard me correctly, that is just 2 cents in USD) you get freshly cooked sea scallops served to you with an order of rice. Crabs, fish and fresh fruit are also available on the menu for next to nothing, but with a minimum order of 100 pieces, you better save room for the scallops!